Parker Conservation provides conservation, translocation, Southern Ocean ecosystem and ecological restoration services for management and research.

Please contact us at Parker Conservation, for independent, expert advice on the following services: 

Conservation Translocation Services

(Photo: M. Choromanski)

Conservation Translocation Services

We have been involved in more than 65 reintroductions since 1999, 48 of which Kevin has led. We provide a full spectrum of translocation services in New Zealand and internationally. This includes advising on the feasibility of translocation projects, planning and designing suitable methodologies, leading translocations and post-release monitoring... [more...]

Conservation Restoration Services

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Restoration Services

Effective and efficient conservation requires informed and considered planning. We write, review, conduct and advise on restoration and translocation plans, pest control, wildlife health screening and monitoring programmes for ecological restoration. We also provide training and workshops in ecological monitoring, particularly the safe capture, handling and sampling of birds… [more...]

Conservation Research

(Photo: A. Wolfaardt)

Southern Ecosystems and Seabirds

Southern Ocean ecosystems pose a unique set of challenges. Many seabirds are impacted at sea by commercial fisheries and pollution, and a swathe of island species are affected by introduced mammals and plants. Given these threats, it is critical that accurate information informs conservation management… [more...]

Conservation Research

(Photo: S. Morrison)


Scientific research is essential for effective conservation. Our research encompasses both conservation theory and practice with a focus on reintroduction biology and Southern Ocean ecosystems and seabirds. Our combined output includes >52 scientific publications along with extensive applied research for conservation management… [more...]